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Tue Dec 13 @ 6:00PM -
December Christmas Party
Tue Dec 13 @ 6:00PM -
AAARC December Christmas Party
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AAARC Monthly Meeting
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AAARC Breakfast


Important Announcement for January 2017 Meeting

The Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club invites all area amateur radio operators and anyone interested in amateur radio to come to its meeting on January 10, 2017 at 7:30pm at the Ashland County Service Center, 1763 Ohio 60, lower level, Ashland Ohio.  There will be a short presentation on Digital Mobile Radio in amateur radio at the meeting.


The AAARC will be raffling a Tytera TYT MD-380 UHF Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) at our January meeting.  Anyone joining the club or renewing their membership will be automatically entered.  Club membership has been lowered to $12.00 per year.  Funds raised by the raffle will be used for general operations and maintenance of club owned radio equipment.  See the rules of the raffle below.


The TYT MD-380 is one of the most popular DMR radios used by hams. It’s a sturdy radio and since it’s digital, its audio has a good sound quality.  


TYT MD-380.jpg

Rules for Raffle:

  1. Must be a member to enter. Membership cost: $12.00

  2. Club officers not eligible to enter.

  3. Those joining the club or renewing their membership will automatically be entered upon payment of dues.

  4. If there are less than 5 entries (not including officers) the drawing will be postponed until February’s meeting.

  5. The drawing will be postponed until February’s meeting in case the club meeting is cancelled for any reason.

  6. Persons mailing in their membership dues early will be entered into the drawing.

  7. The drawing winner will be announce on the club’s website.

  8. While all members are eligible to enter, the winner must be a licensed amateur radio operator to use the radio.

  9. Need not be present to win.

2016 Christmas Party

The Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club will have its 2016 Christmas party at the Ashland County Service Center, 1763 Ohio 60, lower level on December 13th at 6:00pm instead of the usual business meeting.

Pizza and drings will be provided.  Please feel free to bring a side dish or dessert.

Exciting Changes Coming for 2017

Get ready for some exciting changes in 2017.  First, the Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club is lowering the dues for 2017 from $20.00 per year to $12.00 per year.  Whether you're a new ham in the area or a former member, please considering joining us.

The biggest news is that AAARC is bringing Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) to the area.  DMR is another digital mode that gaining usage in the US.  DMR repeaters are linked via the internet (similar to D-Star) and they can be used in analog mode.  One nice thing about the DMR mode is since it's based on an open standard, there are a number of manufacturers of DMR radios and that brings down the price of the radios. DMR handheld radios can be purchased for less than $100.00, making it a cheap way for a person to try out the mode.  

We'll have more on DMR in the coming months on the website.  In the mean time, check out these sites for information about DMR:




November 2016 Meeting Minutes Published

The November 2016 meeting minutes have been posted in the Members Only section.

Correction To November Breakfast Meeting Day

The Ashland Times-Gazette Freetimes announced the Ashland Area Amateur Radio Club breakfast for the wrong day.  The next breakfast will be on the 3rd Saturday of November which is November 19th.

There is a regular club meeting on Tuesday, November 8th.  That is correct in the Ashland Freetimes.
Sorry for the confusion.
Lee Farquharson
AAARC Secretary
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.